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Keep a child warm

Help us collect warm winter clothing.

Now that the weather has begun to get chilly, there are many families who are not able to keep their babies and children warm, or allow them to play outside, due to an inability to afford warm winter clothes.

We would love to rehome any warm clothing your children have outgrown, particularly coats, but will gladly accept all warm clothing, hats, gumboots, gloves, scarves, etc. Please also ensure they are freshly-washed, with no holes, rips or bad staining. A good guide is to think “would I give this to a friend”. 

Maybe you would like to run a collection at your workplace or school, kinder or mother’s group. We have prepared a poster you can print out for this purpose. Our opening times are listed here.

Thank you for helping keep kids warm!

One mother to another

It couldn’t be easier to give another mother a beautiful gift on mother's day.

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Fundraise for us

We rely on the generosity of the community to enable us to give at-risk families the essential items they need to keep their children safe.

Volunteer with us

Every small job that is done saves another item ending up in landfill and helps another family out.

Workplace volunteering

Spend the day with us volunteering with your team.