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Here you will find recent media coverage for St Kilda Mums. This includes video, podcast, newspaper articles and interviews.

All media enquiries may be directed to media@stkildamums.org thank you. Please see our annual reports here.

Media Coverage

Herald Sun A safe night's sleep is in the bag 5 December 2017

Mums' Grapevine St Kilda Mums needs 500 prams for families in need 8 September 2017

Channel Nine Honey This charity is helping all mums, and you can be involved Laura Turner 5 September 2017

Port Phillip Leader and Herald Sun Olivia Anderson, partner of footy legend Shane Crawford, back St Kilda Mums push Jordy Atkinson 29 August 2017

Inspired by Jessica Macpherson CEO St Kilda Mums Megan Ftouni 20 July 2017

Dannii Minogue's interview on Nova FM 15 June 2017

Dannii Minogue's interview on The Morning Show - Channel 7 15 June 2017

Kinderling Radio What happens when mums pay it forward 8 June 2017

Herald Sun Victorian Women's Roll of Honour 5 March 2017

Port Phillip Leader St Kilda Mums founder and chief executive Jessie Macpherson added to Victorian Honour Roll of Women 7 March 2017

Fundraising and Philanthropy Mother Love Aug Sep 2016

Fundraising and Philanthropy Mother Love

The Fifth Estate Why big business should enter the Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Awards 17 June 2016

Melbourne's Child Find your Mum Tribe June 2016

The Age Grieving mother denied refunds on baby items 7 June 2016

Port Phillip Leader Chartible mums given a boost 24 May 2016

Herald Sun St Kilda Mums, Geelong Mums, Eureka Mums lead the way after winning Premier’s Sustainability Awards Herald 1 May 2016

Global Day of Parents: supporting parents with disability Yoralla 31 May 2016

St Kilda Mums talk about the Premiers Sustainability Awards You Tube 31 May 2016

Pro Bono Australia Local Charity Wins Global Tech Award 13 May 2016

St Kilda Mums has gone Google You Tube 5 May 2016

Salesforce.org St Kilda Mums Turning Volunteers into Salesforce Gurus 8 April 2016

Mums Grapevine Help St Kilda Mums Get more Space 25 Feb 2016

Dannii Minogue Donate to St Kilda Mums rent appeal 23 Feb 2016

The Project Baby Gear gets re-born 22 Feb 2016

The Project St KIlda Mums interviewed by Dannii Minogue 22 Feb 2016

Weekly Times Ballarat’s Eureka Mums is helping those in need through donated children’s items 17 Feb 2016

Dannii Minogue Help St Kilda Mums move into a bigger Home 10 Feb 2016

Bayside Leader Packed to the rafters at warehouse 26 Jan 2016

Lilydale & Yarra Valley Leader The Pram Man on a mission to stop waste 1 Dec 2015

Port Phillip Leader Mums go all out to raise money for baby-care items 1 Dec 2015

Herald Sun St Kilda Mums call for baby-care equipment before Christmas 29 Nov 2015

Give Giving A Go Mums love of recycling wins the Premier's Sustainability Awards 2015 13 Nov 2015

Herald Sun Yarra Valley Man collects and recylces prams for St Kilda Mums charity 11 Nov 2015

Bayside Leader Recyclers pram-tastic service 11 Nov 2015

Port Phillip Leader Collector vows to push on 11 Nov 2015

Port Phillip Leader Collector vows to push on

Port Phillip Leader Mums' work honoured 5 Nov 2015

Ames News Mums on a mission to help 5 Nov 2015 Laurie Nowell

Pro Bono Australia Mums the word 2 Nov 2015

Herald Sun St Kilda Mums win top prize at the Premier’s Sustainability Awards 30 Oct 2015

Eco Voice St Kilda, Geelong and Ballarat Mums top Premier’s Sustainability Awards

St Kilda News Giving Back to St Kilda 11 October 2015

Better Boards Jessica Macpherson of St Kilda Mums shares her journey creating a non-profit organisation from her kitchen 23rd September 2015

Drop in the Ocean 8 September 2015

Jewish News A week in the Life of KOGO 7th August 2015

Wyndham Leader Drive to Rug out Cold 14 July 2015

Waverley Leader Warming Hearts of Kids in Need 13 July 2015

Waverley Leader Donate Winter Coats to Kids in Need 7 July 2015

Moonee Valley Leader Moonee Ponds mum gather winter coats for kids in need 3 July 2015

Moonee Valley Leader Make a Warm Gesture   1 July 2015

Moorabbin Kingston Leader Kids coat drive requires acts of warmth 1 July 2015

Mordiallic Chelsea St Kilda Mums Coats for Kids campaign helping keep kids warm 29 June 2015

Maroondah Leader Winter Coats to Warm Little Hearts 16 June 2015

Moreland Leader Winter Warmers 16 June 2015

Moreland Leader Mums works to help kids keep warm 16 June 2015

Knox Leader Kids coats to ease chill 9 June 2015

Hume Leader Donate winter coats to children in need 9 June 2015

Bayside Leader St Kilda Mum gives back 26 May 2015

Lilydale Leader Mum on a mission to keep kids warm 9 June 2015

A Current Affair Domestic Violence Hideaways 12 May 2015

Port Phillip Leader Help at Hand 25 Apr 2015

Glen Eira/Port Phillip Leader Charity Grateful but more help needed 7 Apr 2015

Bayside Leader More Mums in Need 31 Mar 2015

Channel 9 News Friday 18 April 2015 All for Love

Port Phillip Leader Make sure your cot is safe, warn child safety advocates 24 March 2015

ABC Radio 774 Jessica Macpherson Interviewed by Richard Stubbs for Cots for Tots  23 Mar 2015

Port Phillip Leader Mums hit Hard by State Cuts 18 March 2015

Port Phillip Leader Vital Help in Tough Times 18 March 2015

Philanthropy Matters Volunteering: the first steps on the Philanthropy Road March 2015 

ABC Radio 774 interview with Richelle Hunt 27 February 2015

Port Phillip Leader Little Treasures 25 February 2015

Transforming the Lives of Mums in Need Child Magazines 5th November 2014 Cathy Newell

Mums Supporting Mums Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine Spring 2014 Issue 18

The Port Phillip Leader Leader St Kilda Mums host pram valet service for latest fundraiser 19th August 2014  Dana McCauley

The Age 07 July 2014 Creative ways to warm up this winter Cal Wilson

Nova 100 29th May 2014 Meschel and Tommy interview Jessica about Coats for Kids. Please fast forward to the 24th minute of the podcast.

Bayside and St Kilda Leaders 20th May 2014 Mums find warmth for winter kids

Bayside and St Kilda Leaders 19 April 2014 Maddy-Jane has a safe place to sleep thanks to St Kilda Mums Nicole Precel

Whitehorse Leader 9 April 2014 Call goes out for cots Sally Hepplestone

Moonee Valley Leader 9 April 2014 Campaign For Cots Tamara Heath

Theo and Aisha

Moreland Leader 27 March 2014v Moreland residents asked to help St Kilda Mums’ Cots for Tots campaign Tamara Heath

Bayside Leader 27 March 2014 Cots for Tots: St Kilda Mums relaunch Cots for Tots campaign Dana McCauley

ABC Radio 24 March 2014 New charity passes on pre-loved baby goods to families in need Lily Partland

Port Phillip Leader 31st December 2013 Highs and Lows of Port Phillip’s 2013 Dana McCauley

Glen Eira Leader 3rd June 2013 Your Year in Review Andrea Kellet

Melbourne Child November 2013 Recycling the Love Cathy Newell

Engaging Women 13 October 2013 It takes a Village Martine Harte

Melbourne Magazine The Age 30th August 2013

Cots for Tots: Leader and St Kilda Mums launch Cots for Tots campaign

July and August 2013 Port Philip/Caulfield and Bayside Leader

Cots for Tots: KOGO knits the right fit for families
Cots for Tots: Mums get helping hand
Cots for Tots: Mothers cling to lifeline
Cots for Tots: Baking best funds mother’s nest
Cots for Tots: Cots for Tots donation boost
Cots for Tots: Granny Annie supports Cots for Tots

Cots for Tots: Help for asylum seekers left in limbo
Cots for Tots: Welfare groups to the rescue
Cots for Tots: Cots for Tots campaign gets results
Cots for Tots: Street sex worker’s baby change
Cots for Tots: Pregnant pause for St Kilda sex trade
Cots for Tots: Sleep message troubles

Cots for Tots: Tough times eased thanks to St Kilda Mums
Cots for Tots: Volunteers everyday heroes
Cots for Tots: Warmth and care for struggling refugee family
Cots for Tots: Hannah-Joy gets ready for a miracle
Cots for Tots: Life-changing resources help teen mum
Cots for Tots: Editorial

Mamamia Losing my volunteering virginity Monty Dimond 17 May 2012


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Here you will find recent media coverage for St Kilda Mums. This includes video, podcast, newspaper articles and interviews.

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