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Repurposing A Baby Changing Table

One of the most difficult pieces of nursery furniture to re-home is the solid wooden change table. We are offered them all the time and we have to say no. This is difficult for us to do. St Kilda Mums likes to  make it easy for people to re-home their pre-loved babies gear, so saying “no, thank-you” is always hard. The families we support don’t have much space, and a simple change mat or folding type of table is preferred by maternal child health nurses for this reason.

So, if you have a large wooden change table that you no longer use here are some great ideas for giving it a new life:

1. Donate it to your local kinder to be used as an art and craft station

2. Cocktail Bar

 Baby Cot Cocktail Bar

3. Gift wrapping station

 Gift wrapping station

4. Tool bench play centre

 Tool bench play centre

5. Mail center – with scales, envelopes, scissors, packing tape and stuff on top and all the shipping boxes folded below

 Baby Cot Mail Centre

6. Potting bench

 Potting bench

We would love to see a photo of your change table if you have created something clever like this…

Safety First: Here are some tips about choosing a change table:

1. Babies are sometimes injured after rolling to the side and falling off. Falls occur in children as young as three months, and can result in concussion or fractures. Injuries often occur when a carer turns or moves away from the table to get something. Carers often express surprise, e.g. “she has never rolled over before” or “he usually lies quietly”.
2. Choose a design that reduces the risk of baby rolling off. Look for a hollow shape deep enough to stop baby rolling off, and/or an easy-to-use restraint.
3. Where possible change baby on a nappy change mat on the floor. This is the safest place to change a bigger baby that wiggles alot. The change mat can live under the couch or bed.
4. Keep everything you need to change baby close at hand.
5. Never leave a baby on the change table. If you need to turn away, keep one hand on baby. If you must leave, take baby with you.

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