Update from Elcho Island

Last year St Kilda Mums sent a large shipment of baby gear, clothing and toys to Elcho Island. Since then Yalu, IPS young mothers program in Galiwin’ku focused on supporting 16 young mothers undertake a university certificate and they all passed, which was a huge thrill for all involved. They wrote: "In April 2017 sixteen young mothers from Galiwin’ku, Elcho Island completed their Batchelor certificate II in family wellbeing. These ladies are part of the IPS (Indigenous Parenting Services) program that run’s out of the local Indigenous Corporation, Yalu Marŋgithinyaraw. They were all very interested in doing some study because many of them didn’t finish high school when they had their babies. As there is no adult education center in Galiwin’ku the IPS team organized Batchelor Institute to deliver a four-week course in Galiwin’ku. Despite the challenges of raising children and juggling cultural and family obligations the mothers were incredibly committed and engaged with their learning. Amongst all the chaos of babies and toddlers Karen managed to encourage and support the ladies to complete the certificate. This is the first time in Galiwin’ku that a large group of young mothers have completed a higher education course and the success of these ladies proves that it can be done with hard work and commitment. These young women are an inspiration for other young mothers in the community and are set on the right path to become future leaders."

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