How to donate your breast pump

St Kilda Mums happily rehomes manual breast pumps.  We would love to rehome electric breast pumps, however there are a number of restrictions for us:

  • We do not have the ability to tag and test second hand electric breast pumps.  
  • Some electric breast pumps, are also only recommended as a single user pump.
  • Certain components of an electric breast pump cannot be reused by someone else, as they cannot be sterilised completely.

We will rehome most manual breast pumps, the preferred (due to matching bottles and ease of use) manual breast pumps St Kilda Mums rehomes are:

  • Medela - both Harmony and Lactina.  The Lactina is an electric pump, but we convert to a manual pump.
  • Avent
  • Tommee Tippee
  • Pigeon

The Medela Harmony pump has several components which cannot be reused, due to the inability to sterilise some parts. These parts are replaced prior to St Kilda Mums rehoming them. The reason we can do this is because we are lucky to have a wonderful partnership with Medela who provides us with new parts as required.

We would love to receive clean breast pumps in working order. This allows us to quickly process them and send them out to their new home.  Always consider whether your breast pump is in a good enough condition to pass on to St KIlda Mums. Would you be happy to pass it on to a friend?  If the answer is ‘yes’, then we would also love to rehome your breast pump.

by Dina Stefanis, volunteer coordinator at St Kilda Mums