Baby Safe app now available on both iOS and Android

Baby Safe App

St Kilda Mums shares vital safety information to support the safe use of second hand baby products within Australia.

Search, view and make informed decisions when considering buying a used product, or check the status of items you own, ensuring that you keep your precious bundle of joy safe and secure.

We continuously investigate and research products, check back often otherwise any questions or suggestions can be emailed to us.

St Kilda Mums Baby Safe app is now available on both iOS and Android thanks to the generous support of Cooper Investors and waybu Mobile App Developer.

The app is designed to encourage the safe reuse of second hand goods.

You can download the app for yourself here:

Google play
 App Store

This mobile and tablet app contains information about product recalls, contact information for suppliers and distributors of nursery products, shared knowledge of unrecalled products that have common faults, and also voluntary recalls and recommendations.

Many products include their manual or assembly instructions, some include links to how-to-use YouTube videos for prams and carriers.

The iOS app has an airprint function for easy print out of manuals and important safe use information. 

Use cases

Social workers & MCH nurses

A social worker could use the app when visiting a family in their home to check the safety of all nursery furniture and products in use. This is especially important in remote and regional areas where more second hand nursery products are in circulation. 


The general public could use the app to make a decision about purchasing a second hand item from Gumtree, eBay, Facebook Marketplace or a swap and sell market.

New Parents

New parents could use the app to check that the items they buy for their baby or are passed on to them by friends and family are safe. Not all products sold in store today are recommended by Maternal and Child Health nurses.

Op shops

Op shops often want to sell nursery items, but are prevented by lack of trained staff. This app could give staff confidence that the products in their stores have not been recalled.

Sister organisations 

It is too costly and time consuming for our sister organisations (in Australia and worldwide) to develop their own capacity, and build their own databases and information sharing system. They can now use our app to grow and serve their own communities.

Here is a complete list of Sister Organisations.

Technical bits

All the reference data for the app will be hosted on Salesforce and the images and PDFs are hosted on Amazon S3 Web Server. The app will draw data from those locations.

The solution is a custom written native IOS app written in Swift that uses the Salesforce Mobile SDK to integrate with Salesforce.  The data is sourced from the object structure within Salesforce’s PaaS platform and standard REST based JSON API calls over HTTPS. 

In a shortened form “IOS Native App connected to Salesforce”