It's time to move, please come on the journey with us!

Please help us find a new home.
We have some big, exciting news to share with you! St Kilda Mums needs to move to a bigger and better facility and we need your help!

The lease on our premises in St Kilda will end this year, but more importantly, we have outgrown the space in our two buildings on Vale Street. For those of you who have recently visited, you will already be well aware of this!

We're ready and waiting to help thousands more babies and children, all we need is more space. 

Can you help us find our new home? 


You've already made an amazing difference

The need for our service has grown rapidly since 2009 when we helped 500 babies and children in one year. Nine years later, in 2018, we provided nursery equipment and clothing, free of charge, to 18,535 babies and children across Victoria from our three branches, St Kilda Mums, Geelong Mums and Eureka Mums. 

Because of you, and all our amazing volunteers, we not only help families, we also make an enormous contribution to reducing waste and provide a huge benefit (and cost saving) to social service agencies and government. 

You have proven there is an incredible community of people committed to our vision to waste less, share more and care for every baby and child. 

We know we are reaching approximately a third of the babies born into poverty in Victoria each year. We are determined to reach every baby who needs our help, and provide every family facing hardship with the nursery equipment and clothing they need for their children. 

We want to triple our impact over the next 10 years. 

But we can only grow and help more families with more space.

Please help us find a new home.

Why we need a new home

  • We have a waitlist because we don't have room to accept or process all the items vulnerable families need. 
  • When we reach bursting point, we need to limit, or cease our opening hours to get on top of the stock we have on hand. This limits the volume of donations we can accept from the community and nursery equipment suppliers.
  • We frequently refuse bulk donations from businesses as we lack the space to store them.
  • We are constantly shifting donated items around to create workspace for ourselves, double or sometimes triple-handling stock. 
  • We can't welcome as many volunteers as we'd like, and we want to offer more volunteering days to workplace teams; a crucial source of helping hands. Every week we turn away groups as we don't have room for them. More space will provide us with capacity to accept more workplace groups – a simple and easy win-win. We aim to treble our output - 3 x the number of volunteers = 3 x the impact. ​
  • We have extremely limited parking on Vale Street, which is very challenging for donors, volunteers, suppliers and the social workers and maternal & child health nurses who collect from us. 
  • We are currently housed in two buildings, which means we are constantly moving items across the road; less than ideal for both efficiency and the safety of our volunteers and staff.  
Please help us find a new home.

How you can help

Searching for a new premises has been a big and complex task! We've now twice entered lease negotiations that have fallen over due to cost or the premises not meeting our needs. 

So I'm asking if you can help us find our dream home! 

Please contact me if you, or your contacts, know of any available premises that meet the following criteria:

  • Within 20km of St Kilda, in a South-East location (i.e. to cover the area where the majority of our volunteers and staff live). 
  • At least 2,500 m² of space and 500 m² of office space. 
  • At least 40 parking spaces. 
Our goal is to treble our impact over the next 10 years - reaching almost 60,000 babies and children and ensuring that every family who needs our help, in every corner of Victoria, has the essentials they need to give their children a safe start. 

Thank you for always coming on the journey with us - we can't wait to take this next step with you!