October News

We are delighted to report that we are well on our way to reaching our target of 500 cots in this years Cots for Tots campaign. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, you have helped us to collect a wonderful 432 cots. With your help we can give one of the most precious gifts - a safe place for a baby to sleep. 

Rob is a keen volunteer who has helped to make this all possible. He has been coming in several days each week to make sure all the beautiful preloved cots are clean, safe and ready for their new homes. 

Volunteer Rob

We still have another 68 cots to find by the end of this month. You can find out more about how to donate a cot on our website. Thank you!

This is Phil. She likes to crochet pram blankets for us. She told us that she and her husband used to volunteer for the St Kilda Welfare Organisation.  

Volunteer Phil

In the 1960s and 70s they welcomed new Australians, helping newborn babies to pensioners. They made sure that no one spent Christmas alone. Thank you, Phil for 60 years of giving!

Elizabeth knitted this beautiful blanket. She was a single mum in the 70s.

Beautiful Blanket

She remembers how touched she was when a complete stranger gifted her a hand spun blanket for her child. She knitted this blanket with fond memories of this moment . She overcame this difficult time with the support and kindness of strangers. We must never underestimate the value of such kindness. 

Last month we provided a large donation of clothing and baby gear to a very special project on Elcho Island off the coast of Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. It is located at the southern end of the Wessel Islands group located in the East Arnhem Region. You can read more about this here...

Volunteer Amanda and Kids

Each month we like to include a quick interview with one of our volunteers. This month we have Amanda Ong, who volunteers every Wednesday to serve social workers:

When did you start volunteering at St Kilda Mums?

Almost 3 years ago, when my littlest one started 4 year old kindergarten. 

What inspired you to volunteer?

I had heard so many great things about St Kilda Mums. I finally had some free time and lots of baby items that I also had been holding onto ready to take to St Kilda Mums with me. 

What's your volunteer role at St Kilda Mums? 

I am a pram wrangler on Wednesday mornings I help the social workers/local service agencies collect the items they need for their families 

What does a typical volunteer shift look like for you ?

Around 9.15am myself and a team of 4-5 pram wranglers collect the sheets from Emma/Helen (Social service liaison) that detail the caseworkers that we will expect to see during the shift, and what items they are down to collect. They also update us on any last minute changes to the schedule and anything else we could do to assist. 

At 9.30am we open the roller door and wait for the caseworkers to arrive. We help them choose the best items for their families they have requested in advance to collect . If required we also search for books, toys and any other items we think would be suitable. 

Prams can sometimes be challenging with so many different types, varying ages and many different ways to operate them - hence our name 'Pram Wranglers.

We make sure we demonstrate to the case worker how to apply the prams brake, open and close them before helping them into the car. 

At the end of a shift we help tidy and restock the shelves ready for Thursday'steam.

What do you love about volunteering ?

I enjoy hearing the stories from the caseworkers and finding out how exactly the work we do helps their families in need. I also work with a great team of volunteers on a Wednesday who have also been doing to shift with me for years, I look forward to seeing them every week.

What would you say to anyone that is thinking about volunteering at St Kilda Mums?

Don't hesitate come in and see what a wonderful place St Kilda Mums is, make some new friends and see how you can help in a fun and friendly environment.  

We have stocked up on the most popular gifts again for the gift giving season. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of tea towels and greeting cards support St Kilda Mums. Visit our website to see all our Christmas ideas. 

 Card Gifts

We are looking forward to a very busy period leading into the holidays. Many social workers take leave over New Year and we are under a lot of pressure to distribute orders for babies due in January as well as December over the next 7 weeks.

Our focus is firmly set on providing cots, prams and other essentials so that every newborn baby will have a safe place to sleep. We are the only hope for some families and we want to ensure that they get the help they need before their babies arrive. 

We appreciate your continued support at this busy time of year.