Spring Newsletter

Spring has finally arrived! Thanks to our very generous supporters we have enjoyed a constant supply of that hand knitted blankets, warm clothing and coats so we could help to keep children snug this very cold winter. We have distributed 1,478 coats over winter, with more being picked up every day.

We would like to thank the many schools, kindergartens and workplaces that collected warm winter clothing for us. Here are Liam, Alexandra and Zali with their donation of 59 coats from Warranwood Primary School. It's not too late for you to run a collection. Please see this page of our website for more information including a poster you can print out at home.

Kids with winter jackets

One of the questions we are often asked is "why do people need help?"

This chart shows the primary causes of disadvantage that affect the families we support. It's important to note that many families face more than one cause of disadvantage with an average of 3.2 causes per family.

St Kilda Mums families we support pie chart

The 20% made up of "other" causes of disadvantage include: disability, medical, life controlling addiction, family reunification, foster care, kinship care, single parenting, and natural disasters like fire.

This data was collected from the past 12 months when we helped 7,383 families across Victoria collectively at St Kilda Mums, Geelong Mums and Eureka Mums.

We really need more donations of cots, car restraints for toddlers and newborns and bassinettes. Do you have anything you no longer use? Can you please share this email with any friends you think might be ready to pass their baby gear on? To learn more about how to donate preloved baby gear please seethis page of our website.

Happy Father's Day to all the lovely Dads this weekend! We would like to say a special thank you to Colin for his very thoughtful gift.

Fathers Day gifts

He also wrote this beautiful note to go with it...

Beautiful Fathers Day note

Colin and his wife live in QLD but support us regularly as volunteers and donors. We are very grateful for their kindness.

Last month we officially opened the new HQ at 2-4 Vale Street, St Kilda with a party, inviting some very special people along who helped secure and fit out the building. Dannii Minogue was guest of honour, having ensured the success of the rent appeal with her coverage of our campaign on The Project.

Guest of honour Dannii Minogue

Special guest was Sue Denmead, Enhanced Care Maternal and Child Health Nurse. She spoke about her work supporting families living in poverty in an inner city suburb of Melbourne.

Sue Denmead, Enhanced Care Maternal and Child Health Nurse

She told the story of helping a mum who had nothing for her baby's birth but a cardboard box and a few singlets. This speech is full of beautiful sentiments and anecdotes such as "They need a bridge to climb out of their poverty" and "our duty is to cherish every human life". Please click here to listen.

We would like to introduce you to Nicole...in this mini interview:

Volunteer Nicole

When did you start volunteering at St Kilda Mums? 
I started in February 2016 and I became team leader in May.

What inspired you to volunteer? 
At the end of last year I was looking for a new challenge, I always think it’s good to have change.

A friend of mine posted about St Kilda Mums on Facebook – I emailed Amanda and Fiona, the Operation Managers, came in for tour and I’ve been here ever since!

What’s your volunteer role at St Kilda Mums? 
I’m a team leader for bundling and sorting.

What does a typical volunteer shift look like for you? 
I actually come in on both a Wednesday and Thursday. I get in at about 9am and stay for five hours. The team sorts clothing donations into gender and size, which are then made into clothing bundles. In each bundle, we put shoes, PJs and mixture of summer and winter clothes in different sizes, which we hope will see a child through the year.

Girls’ bundles get a lot more cuter things – so we try to make the boys bundles cute too! This morning I bundled a really lovely boy’s dressing gown with cars on it. Each volunteer puts their name on a label on the bundle – sometimes on Facebook we see that a family has written a note of thanks, which is always lovely to see.

What do you love about volunteering? 
I get to meet new people. I like knowing that the things we’re sending out are helping people that really need it. It’s a great environment, a great place to work, and I find it inspiring. I really enjoy it.

What would you say to anyone that is thinking about volunteering at St Kilda Mums?
Definitely come down, have a tour and see what we do. I’ve had a couple of friends that have come in for a tour and are going to start volunteering.

If you would like to join our volunteer team you will be very welcome! Please email volunteer@stkildamums.org to book your induction. 

We recently started working with Interchange Outer East to help us collect, sort, clean and repair prams. This organisation offers support, opportunities and choice to children and young people with disabilities and their families, living in Melbourne's outer east. 

Students Natalie, with teacher Felicity, Lucas, Ryan, Tyrone and teacher Matt

Pictured are students Natalie, with teacher Felicity, Lucas, Ryan, Tyrone and teacher Matt. They have been visiting our HQ in St Kilda regularly for training and see first hand the amazing contribution their hard work makes to the flow of donations through our HQ and onto families in need.

We are still looking for a washing machine, a compressor and a vacuum cleaner to fit out their store room in Ferntree Gully as a fully equipped workshop for Pramsformations. If you would like to donate any of these items please email partnerships@stkildamums.org.

This September and October we'll be running our annual Cots for Tots appeal, with a target of 500 cots - new or used!

You may have a pre-loved cot to donate like Holly pictured here...

Cot donation from Holly

Or you might like to make a tax deductible donation towards the cost of a new cot and mattress, just $140 delivered to St Kilda.

Providing quality baby goods to vulnerable families does not just mean supplying the goods they need to provide for a new baby. It enables families to manage their limited income and access private rental properties, escaping homelessness or unsafe accomodation. 

Thank you for everything you to do support families in need and for your continued support of our mission to reuse, rehome and recycle.