Thank you from Elcho Island

Dear Jess and St Kilda Mum's staff and volunteers,

We don't know where to begin in thanking you for what was so much more than a donation of goods. 

St Kilda Mums gift bag

The excitement amongst our group of mothers for the arrival of the St Kilda Mum's donation spread quickly around the community last week.

As I arrived at our mothers hub with all the stuff I was greeted by a huge group of mothers and babies who had come to join our program after hearing about all the baby things arriving to Elcho all the way from Melbourne!

The participants in our mothers program literally went from 5 to 25 in three days just because people were so excited about the St Kilda Mum's donation! 

Boy holding oranges

In a relatively small community with so little access to many things we take for granted living in the city the impact of this donation is massive and appreciated in a way that is difficult to put into words. 

As we were unpacking the clothes, toys, blankets, nappies and everything else, everyone was fizzing with excitement! It reminded us of Christmas! 

At the end of the beautifully chaotic session the Mum's all went home with huge smiles on their faces and a bag full of cloths for their babies and we had set up a nappy change area and play pen in our mothers hub. 

For the rest of the week more and more new mother's came everyday and the other's kept returning, their babies sporting new adorable outfits each day. 

It is total thrill for our team to see the program blossom so rapidly and to see so many mother's feeling excited, happy, confident and proud.  

Ladies searching through baby products

The St Kilda Mum's donation really has inspired a sense of hope and brought a new wave of positive energy into our program and we are already seeing this spreading ripples slowly but surely throughout the community.

We wish you were here to see and feel it for yourselves because words really can't do justice to what your donation has created here on Elcho Island. 

Hopefully these photos and video's can give you an idea! 

Thank you so much St Kilda Mum's. 

Kindest regards, Luch and the Bul Bul team 

P.S. Please only share on social media the photo's with no identifiable faces

Mum and son walking down dirt road