Thank you to Lorelle Lake

We would like to thank board member Lorelle Lake, who resigned from our board this month. Lorelle is a founding member of the Fundraising Sub Committee, and she has supported and coached our CEO in all fundraising activities since 2012.

Lorelle joined the St Kilda Mums Board in November 2015, and served for the past three years as minutes secretary. Lorelle is a Senior Fundraiser at Uniting (Vic.Tas). She began her career as a Graphic Designer, she has since completed a Masters Degree in Marketing and has spent over 16 years in marketing and fundraising roles for not-for-profit organisations.

Lorelle said; “My heart and hands have been in it from the time Jessie came and personally collected my second cot in 2012 and we got chatting. I've been supporting the development of St Kilda Mums since then. I'm a mum. It just makes sense to help other parents. Being on the Board is an honour. While I can share my expertise, it offers me the opportunity to learn and grow alongside an organisation that's tangible, making a difference and filled with passionate, committed and clever people.”

You can connect with Lorelle on LinkedIn.

Lorelle Lake