Melina’s Story

Melina had been waiting for this call for months. A room was available in a Church supported property for single young mothers and their babies. She, and her baby Abel would be able to move in immediately.

Melina and her support worker sat down and discussed all the essentials they would need to make this new living arrangement work.

Abel needed formula, nappies and bottles, which Melina was able to collect from the Church. The room included a bassinet for Abel, so this was not of concern.

However when exploring how Melina would attend appointments and meetings with Abel in tow, it became apparent their most pressing need was a baby capsule for the car. Without it, Melina noted she would be housebound and unable to access her supports.

St Kilda Mums were contacted, and they were able to provide a safety checked car capsule in only a few days.

After a few months, Melina’s worker contacted St Kilda Mums to explain the difference the capsule had made to Melina’s wellbeing.

With the mobility the capsule provided, Melina was able to enrol Abel in childcare which was previously inaccessible due to their need to drive there. With Abel in care, she found employment, and with this income she was looking to transition in to the private rental market. She was most excited to free her room at the Church supported housing for another mother in need, and couldn’t wait for them to receive the call that the room was vacant.

Jess Rosenburg, Social Worker