Reaching our wider community

A regional agency contacted us via email on a Monday morning requesting clothes for a single mother who had received clothing for her son from St Kilda Mums via her Maternal Child Health Nurse over the past two winters. Her son is now over four years old so she is no longer engaged with her local Maternal Child Health Nurse but the agency she approached emailed us and we were able to register them and process her request on the same day. 

As well as supplying the requested clothing, coat and shoes for this little boy we have been able to immediately provide the agency with a bulk stock of emergency supplies to have on hand for any families who walk through the door. They will have this collection of clothing and linen bundles, coats, toiletries, nappies, formula and toys and books for various ages delivered to their door, 100km away, a week after first contacting us.

We will replenish this bulk stock of non-waitlisted items whenever the agency requests throughout the year as well as filling any individual requests for cots, car seats, prams and other items for specific families. Our Regional Social Service coordinator Danielle, always suggests that new agencies hold an "unboxing morning tea" when their first bulk order arrives so that all the agency staff can unpack the order together and all see the beautiful St Kilda Mums presentation and range of stock available for the families they support.

This agency have already emailed how excited they are about their unboxing morning tea next week and we know that they will be blown away by the individual work of every volunteer whose name is proudly written on a bundle.