Rose’s Story

Imagine suddenly finding yourself the sole carer of a new born baby. This was a reality for Rose – she chose to do something amazing, but she couldn’t do it without your help.

Last week, Rose found out that she would become the sole carer of a tiny premature baby girl - Mia. Rose is a single grandmother, already caring for her 9 year old grandson, and is best placed to take care of Mia.

Rose felt overwhelmed by what lay ahead. As you can imagine, the addition of a baby has put a lot of financial stress on her. Her social worker describes her as a very proud woman who feels that she shouldn't ask for anything as she has always supported herself and her family. Mia arrived on her doorstep with just one bottle, a packet of nappies and some wipes.

Rose's social worker contacted us and we provided formula, nappies, bedding, a pram, car restraint, cot and clothing that will keep Mia warm this winter. 

What Rose chose to do was selfless, amazing and daunting. We are delighted to have been able to help her.