Smile and the rest of the world smiles with you.

Martin is the father of 4 and the grandfather of nine. He considers himself to be an expert in dealing with screaming 2 year olds. He likes to distract upset toddlers in the supermarket queue with a game of peekaboo. He says that they always giggle at him.

Martin was born to Australian parents in 1933 in Kenya. He came to a Australia in 1945 on a troop ship as the war in the Pacific had not yet ended, to attend boarding school.

After high school he studied commerce at Melbourne University and worked as Chartered Accountant.

He first met his wife Adele in Sri Lanka in 1939. They married in 1957.

Martin has volunteered all his life, first at the local kinder, then onto the various schools, and groups like Scouts and Guides.

Martin was widowed in 2015. He says “Men are not good at networking.” So he tries to keep busy and reach out to people. Martin walks 6 to 8 kms every day with his Billy his kelpie.

He also sings with Bayside Sing Australia and lunches every Friday with up to 11 retired skiers.

You get out of life what you put into it. "Smile and the rest of the world smiles with you."

He thinks that keeping busy is the key to longevity. Martin volunteers on Thursdays as a Tinker. Here he is with a beautiful preloved Baby Jogger and he has chosen these two hand made toys to go out with it.