Truly rewarding

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the amazing work that you do.  Yesterday I received a double pram from St Kilda Mum’s that I had the privilege to deliver to a family. 

The whole family was overwhelmed with gratitude, they wanted to know all about St Kilda Mum’s and the work that you do.  The dad was so thankful that his wife now had the freedom to take the children out when he would be at work, he was excited to see the joy on his two year olds face as she clambered into the pram. 

The two year old refused to get out of the pram she snuggled in and was trying to get her buckles done up, she stayed there for the whole of my home visit just happily enjoying the comfort of a safe secure warm pram. 

Mum was amazed at the generosity of the people who donate and spoke of the independence this will give her when her husband in not at home, as she does not drive.  She wanted to make sure I thanked you on her behalf for bringing so much happiness to her and her family.

Thank you for making my day as well, it is truly rewarding as a social worker to be able to bring such joy to a family."

Julie Fleming
Supported Playgroup Facilitator
Warrnambool City Council