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Donate baby things

If you have nursery equipment, clothes or toys that you no longer use, we can get it to someone who really needs it.

We rehome essential kids and baby items needed by families facing multiple disadvantages. Look at the list below (printable version) and please note that we don't rehome electrical items, household furniture (like dining tables) or adult clothing (including maternity).

Please read our safety guidelines for the items with ✴️ . If you are unsure about an item or how to deliver the donation please just email us. Our opening times are here.

We are passionate about repairing things, e.g. pram wheels, ripped material - but it is not always possible. Please email us a photo and a detailed description if there is a fault. Please don't donate anything that is broken, damaged, torn, ripped, stained or faulty. As a simple rule, if there's something wrong with it then we can't rehome it. 


✅  Activity mats or baby gyms 
❌  Activity centers (Exersaucers/Jumparoo style)
❌  Adult clothes
✅  Art and craft materials 
✴️  Baby Carriers
✅  Baby food - at least 3 months before expiry 
✅  Baby towels 

✴️  Bassinets, cradles or moses baskets
❌  Bath aids
❌  Bath seats
❌  Bath stands

✅  Baths
❌  Bean bags
❌  Bed rails

✅  Bibs with domes (no ties)
❌  Bikes
✅  Blankets – for bassinets or cots 
✅  Books - story, colouring, craft, etc

❌  Booster car seats (foam)
✅  Bottles and feeding equipment
✴️  Bouncers or Rockers
✅  Breast pumps - manual only 
✅  Breastfeeding pillows

❌  Bumbo seats
❌  Bunk or loft beds
✅  Bunny rugs or baby wraps
❌  Car seat boosters (foam)
✴️  Carseats
✅  Soft carry cots and pram bassinets
✅  CDs and DVDs for children
✅  Chairs and tables for kids

✴️  Change Tables
❌  Change tables that sit on top of drawers
❌  Chests of drawers
❌  Christening gifts

✅  Clothing - from birth to size 12
❌  Co-sleepers like My Little Baby
✅  Cot blankets
❌  Cot bumpers
✴️  Cot mattresses
✅  Cot sheets
✴️  Cot
✴️ Cradles, bassinets or moses baskets
❌  Cushions
❌  Doonas
❌  Electric breast pumps
❌  Electric sterilisers
❌  Electrical items 
❌  Foam booster seats
❌  Foam floor mats

✴️  Formula
❌  Furniture
✅  Games for children
✴️  Gro-bags and sleeping bags
❌  H-harness for car seats
✴️  Hand Knits
❌  Helmets
✴️  Highchairs
❌  Highchairs that hang from a table
❌  Highchairs that strap to chairs
❌  Jolly Jumpers

✅  Linen for cots and bassinets
❌  Maternity clothes
✅  Maternity pads (unopened)
✴️  Mattresses for cot
✅   Mattress Protectors
❌  Mobiles
✴️ Moses baskets, cradles or bassinets
❌  My Little Baby co sleepers
✅  Nappies - cloth 
✅  Nappies – disposable (can be partial bags)

❌  Nappy bins
✅  Nappy change bags
✅  Nappy change mats (no rips or tears)

❌  Nappy wrappers
✅  Newborn head supports (for prams)
✅  Nursing pads – disposable (unopened)
✅  Nursing pads – reusable

❌  Photo frames
❌  Pillows (inc. pregnancy)

✅  Playpens – wooden and metal
❌  Portable travel chairs
❌  Portacots
❌  Potties

✅  Pram accessories 
✅  Soft pram bassinets and carrycots
❌  Pram travel bags 
✴️  Prams and strollers
❌  Prints
✅  Puzzles for children
✅  Pyjamas and sleepwear to age 12
✅  Reusable cloth nappies

✴️  Rockers or Bouncers
❌  Ride on toys
❌  Running prams (front wheel fixed)

✴️  Safety Gates
✅  Safety items – plug covers, etc
❌  Scooters
❌  School Uniforms
✅  Shoes for children
❌  Single beds
❌  Single bed linen
❌  Sleep positioners 
✴️  Sleeping bags and sleepwear
❌  Slings
✴️  Soft Toys
✅  Sterilisers – microwave only
✴️  Strollers
❌  Stuffed toys with beans
✅  Sunshades (pram and car)
❌  Swings
✅  Toddler beds 
❌  Toddler bike seats
❌  Toilet steps

✅  Toiletries for baby (unopened)
✅  Toiletries for mother (unopened)

✴️  Toys
❌  Toys larger than 45cm
❌  Trikes
❌  Umbrella strollers
❌  Walkers

✅  Wipes (unopened)
✅  Wraps for baby


Note: We do our best to dispose of items we do not rehome in a way that saves them from landfill. This includes donating them to Op shops or Foodbanks, recycling where possible, and in some instances selling things that are valuable but cannot be donated to op shops. All proceeds from the sale of unwanted items will be used to buy spare parts and pay for repairs.


Please print this poster of everything we can and can't rehome

A4 Poster - Clothing to age 12 years

A4 Poster - Little Bunny

A4 Poster - Coats for Kids


Clothing and Linen: We can rehome children's clothing from birth to size 12, and linen for cots such as flat and fitted sheets, mattress protectors and blankets, as well as baby towels. All clothing and linen should be freshly laundered (see why) and packed into bags with the size and gender clearly labelled to help us rotate stock as quickly as possible. If clothing or linen has been in storage it's important that it is washed again before donating to us (see our article). 

If you are not sure whether your clothing donation is suitable or not, a good barometer is would you give it to the children of a good friend? Our clothing bags are gifts and we want the mum who receives the bag to feel that she has a good friend who cares.

We accept pyjamas and sleepwear but not ones with hoods. We also accept gro-bags or infant sleeping bags, but only those with holes for arms, and no hoods. We can rehome children's shoes, from baby to about 10 years. Please clean soles and polish leather uppers. Must be in near new condition. Back to the list


Hand Knits: If you like to knit or crochet we are always short of cot blankets (1.25m x 1.5m). These are an essential part of our cot linen bundles and we need donations of blankets more than any other knitted item, If you would like to donate crochet squares that we can sew together for a blanket, please make them 15cm. Back to the list


Linen: Please note that we do not rehome soft bedding such as pillows, quilts, duvets and bumpers as these increase the risk of sudden unexpected infant death. They may cover the baby's face and obstruct breathing or cause overheating. Older babies in a cot can be at an increased risk of a sleeping accident by using pillows and bumpers to climb up and fall out of the cot. It is safer to wait until the child starts to sleep in a bed before introducing a pillow or other soft bedding. For more information please refer to Red NoseBack to the list


Baby Carriers: We rehome carriers worn on the front of the body in an upright position. Front pack carriers and buckle carriers should be in good condition with working buckles, no fraying on the straps or body, and be clean. Instructions should be included where possible. We do not rehome homemade carriers, slings or backpack carriers (camping style).  Back to the list


Bassinet, cradles and moses baskets: We can rehome a bassinet if it has a wide stable base and firm sides ideally 300mm high. Please include a firm snug fitting like-new mattress, which should be no more than 75mm high. Please remove all ribbons and ties to prevent strangulation.

If there is a rocking mechanism, it must be able to be secured. If is on wheels, at least 2 of the 4 must lock. Please include a stand with a bassinet or moses basket. Back to the list


Bouncers or Rockers: We can rehome them if they have at least a three point safety harness in good working condition. Back to the list


Car Seats: We can rehome capsules, reversibles, toddler seats and booster seats with tether strap only (no foam boosters). They all must meet standard AS/NZS1754, not have been involved in an accident and be manufactured at most 8 years ago to allow a period of safe use to the family who will receive them.

This is critical for safety because the plastic on carseats deteriorates with time, so they actually expire. Please note that often retailers sell carseats manufactured a couple years before, so you need to check the manufacture date and not the date you bought it. Back to the list


Change Tables: We can rehome change tables with roll-off protection such as child safety harness and/or raises sides and ends at least 100mm high. Social workers and maternal and child nurses prefer folding tables as the families they support often live in cramped conditions. Please check our article and if you are not sure email us a photo to confirm. Back to the list


Cot Mattress: We can rehome a preloved mattress ONLY if it is donated with the matching cot. We do not need any "spares". The mattress must be in excellent condition with no marks, tears or stains. It must also be less than 10 years old. The date of manufacture should be printed on the label along with the mattress dimensions printed.  

It is crucial for babies' safety that the right size mattress is used as the gap between mattress and cot side could be an entrapment/suffocation hazard. Please wrap it up in an old sheet or plastic to keep it clean during transport. Back to the list


Cots: We can rehome a cot that complies with Safety Standard for household cots: AS/NZS 2172:2003, with a maximum age of 10 years from date of manufacture. The mattress measurements and date of manufacture should be stamped on the cot base.

Please email us the make, model and date of manufacture or a picture of the cot base to confirm we can rehome your cot or you might use our . Please read our article for more information. Back to the list


Formula: We can rehome unopened cans of stage 1 and 2 only with at least 3 months before expiry date. We don't rehome toddler milk (12m+), prescription or specialised formula (gluten free, etc). Back to the list


Highchair: We can rehome freestanding highchairs if they are less than 10 years old and have a tray, safety harness, brakes (if on casters), and be perfectly clean (tips here).

For more information see this article, if you are not sure please send us a photo. Back to the list


Pram and strollers: We can rehome a pram or stroller with a 5 point harness, faultless brakes, a fully reclining back to accommodate a newborn, a carry basket and a sunhood. Prams should meet AS/NZS2088, if you bought it overseas (other than New Zealand) it might not meet Australian standards. If you are not sure of the make and model please email us a photo. The families we help need one good all purpose pram/stroller, so we don't rehome umbrella strollers or running prams (front wheel fixed, big back wheels, some attach to a bike).

Please see this article for cleaning tips. We always need pram accessories like foot muffs, snugglers, newborn headrests, sunshades and raincovers for single and double prams and strollers. Back to the list 


Safety Gates: Please include adjuster screws and bolts, suction cups for mounting on the wall, any extension bolt etc in a clear plastic zip lock bag, taped to the gate. We don't rehome safety gates that crew into walls. Back to the list


Toys: We rehome good quality toys, games and puzzles if they are smaller than 45cm in size. We do not rehome large toys, ride on toys, Tonka toys, activity centres, walkers, rocking horses, trikes, bikes etc because the families we help don’t have a lot of room. Please clean all toys before donating. 

We do not rehome soft toys, with the exception of very small baby soft toys and we ask that you please wash pre-loved soft toys before donating (see our article). We can only rehome battery operated toys if the batteries are secured in place with a screw. We do not rehome any toys with lithium batteries as these are extremely dangerous if swallowed. Please remove all spent batteries before donating. We do not rehome any toys filled with beans as they may present a choking and inhalation hazard. Back to the list

Donate baby things

If you have nursery equipment, clothes or toys that you no longer use, we can get it to someone who really needs it.

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Giving a donation to St Kilda Mums is a direct and practical way to help families experiencing hardship or violence.

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