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Ayse & Bob's Story

Ayse was pregnant with triplets when she learned her husband had cancer. Ayse and Bob couldn't work and spent their pregnancy in and out of hospital. They were terrified they wouldn't have everything they needed when their babies arrived.

How you can help

With the generous support of people like you, we gave Ayse and Bob everything they needed for their three tiny babies. Now we are asking if you could find it in your heart to help a family like theirs who – through no fault of their own – find themselves in desperate need.

Test yourself. What would you do in this situation?

You’re pregnant – with triplets. You’ve been told to rest in bed, your pregnancy is high risk, and your babies could be born very early. Then you find out that your husband has cancer. He has to turn down a new job to start chemo.

Do you feel like you just can’t cope?

Ayse and her husband Bob had no choice but to cope. She sat with Bob through every chemo session, determined they would beat cancer together. She went to her own hospital appointments, then to Bob’s. What finally made her break down was when she realised her babies would be born and they’d have no nappies, no cots, no clothes, no change tables, no car seats and no pram. Neither Ayse nor Bob could work. They had no money, and there was no way they could get to the shops for everything they needed.

This September, we're asking if you could find it in your heart to help a family like theirs who – through no fault of their own – find themselves in desperate need. Because a family like Ayse and Bob’s urgently needs your help.

While Bob was having his last cycle of chemo, Ayse was preparing for the triplets to be delivered via emergency C section. But she went into that operation with a feeling of confidence, because St Kilda Mums had given her everything she needed to take care of her three tiny babies.

“They provided cots, car seats, baby change tables, bath tubs, nappies, clothes ranging from premmie sizes up to 1 year of age, pamper packs for myself, cot sheets, blankets, vouchers to get car seats fitted, a triplet pram – the list can go on and on.”

A lot of what we give parents like Ayse and Bob is donated, but we take on the costs of getting everything safety checked. We also need to fund things that can’t be donated, like specialist spare parts and fittings. We paid for a custom-made bar to be installed in Ayse and Bob’s van so that three anchor points for their car seats could be safely fitted.

A baby can’t choose when he or she is born – whether their parents are sick or able to work. You could make sure that, no matter what, they have all the things they need to have a safe start in life. 

We're not asking for any luxuries. Just essentials.

Most people need to get ready for just one baby rather than three, but even that can be a struggle.

We’re a small charity doing a big job. We receive no government funding. We are entirely dependent on the goodwill of kind people like you. When you make a gift, we can respond quickly to people like Ayse and Bob.

Ayse gave birth to her three healthy babies who came home after only a month in special care. She did everything she possibly could for her babies. And so did Bob (who is now cancer-free). St Kilda’s Mums was able to give them the extra help they needed. But we could only do it because there are people like you out there who we can turn to for help when we really need it.

And we really need it now.

Please help by making a donation today. 

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