Buckle Up Baby

Buckle Up Baby

Each week we hear stories of families struggling, of babies born early, and of illness and disability. Families in crisis are desperate, some even consider giving their baby up for adoption if they can’t provide the nursery equipment they need. It doesn’t need to come to that. Kind people like you can make sure that doesn’t happen.

Every week we rehome dozens of car seats. Most are second-hand ones, less than eight years old, cleaned and safety-checked. Some are new.

It costs us an average $57 to give a family a car seat. That includes all the costs involved in rehoming a pre-loved car seat - running our HQ, training our volunteers, purchasing spare parts and going through rigorous checks to ensure every car seat is safe and clean. And that $57 includes the purchase of new car seats when our stocks run low.

That’s pretty amazing to think about when the most basic newborn car seat would cost you almost $300 at the shops. A gift of $300 would enable St Kilda Mums to give 5 families a car seat!

We are able provide car seats at such low cost because
  • 75% of the car seats we rehome are pre-loved and donated. 
  • We have an incredible workforce of volunteers, who safety check and clean our car seats for free. 
  • When we need to buy new car seats, we can do so for as little as $110 because of the relationships we have with nursery equipment suppliers. 
  • We really can make every cent of your donation count! 

As you know, children are hurt every year on our roads in car accidents where a safe car seat could have saved them from death or injury. Please donate your pre-loved car seats or make a donation to our Buckle Up Baby appeal now.

Please print this A4 poster and put it up at your school, kinder or workplace. Thank you!