Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here.

I need some help from St Kilda Mums.  What should I do?

Please see this page of our website for more information on how to access help from St Kilda Mums.

Where are you located? 

14 Winterton Road Clayton.

When are you open?

Please check our opening times here.

Can I just pop down anytime that suits me? 

No. Please do not do this. You need to make an appointment to drop off your donation. 

Please see the Donate Things page for the full list of everything that we rehome.

Can I post my donation? 

Yes please. Our postal address is 14 Winterton Road Clayton VIC 3168. 

Can I organise a courier to pick up my donation?

We can arrange a courier service in metropolitan Melbourne, subject to availability, for a fee to cover costs. Please email us a list of the items you wish to donate so we can arrange a pick up at a time that suits you.

Can I just leave my donation at the door?

No.  Please do not do this.  We won’t be able to check with you if your donation is suitable, or it may get wet and it costs us time and money to dispose of it.

What about safety standards? 

Many items have mandatory safety standards. We check for safety features based on both the standards and expert recommendations. If you are unsure if your items meet the latest safety standard, please email us a photo and a description.

Do you have a list of what you are able to rehome?

Please see the Donate Things page for more information for the full list of everything that we rehome. 

Would you have any use for used breastfeeding bras at all? 

No, we do not rehome preloved bras or any adult clothing.

Do I need to clean my pram or highchair before donating it to you?

In short – yes please! St Kilda Mums is volunteer-powered, so if you don’t clean it – someone else has to find time to do so. Please see this helpful blog postIf you are unsure where to start or how to go about it, please just email us – our volunteers have a wealth of knowledge to share. 

Do you have any How To Guides?

Yes we have several, from how to clean nursery goods to why we can and can't rehome things. Please see these here.

I have a lounge suite/adult clothing/a kitchen sink I would like to donate, is that something you need? 

We focus on the essential needs of babies and young children. Please check this list of organisations where your donation could be directed. 

How do I find out what is most needed?

The best ways to be alerted to what items we have a need for is on our Instagram or Facebook page or by signing up for our newsletter.

Are financial donations helpful right now?

Yes. Financial donations are vital right now to ensure that St Kilda Mums can continue to operate and help families in need.  You can make a donation via our website (big pink donate now button top right hand side of this page) or via EFT.

What will you do with cash donations? 

We ensure that every quality donation we receive can be rehomed by making it safe and complete. For example we can take a donation of a cot, check that it meets safety standards, buy a brand new mattress, and rehome it with a beautiful bundle of pre-loved clothing and bedding. We also need money to buy spare parts for items like prams and highchairs so they meet the latest safety recommendations.  

Just wondering what number to call when I see prams, cots, change tables etc out on the nature strip? 

If you find a great pram or highchair in the hard rubbish, please email us or post a picture in our Facebook page and we might be able to organise a volunteer to pick up. Please do check them carefully however, as often there is a very good reason why an item is discarded but it may not be easy to spot. We cannot rehome car restraints from hard rubbish because it is crucial for safety that the car seat hasn't been involved in an accident and often they would look fine but may be structurally compromised.