New Home FAQs

Please help us find a new home.

It's time to move, please come on the journey with us! 

We have prepared some answers to frequently asked questions...

Why do you need more space? 

  • Our current space issue has a major impact on how much we're able to help families in crisis. We have a waitlist because we don't have room to accept or process all the items vulnerable families need.
  • When we reach bursting point, we need to limit, or cease our opening hours to get on top of the stock we have on hand. This limits the volume of donations we can accept from the community and nursery equipment suppliers.
  • We frequently refuse bulk donations from businesses as we lack the space to store them.
  • We are constantly shifting donated items around to create workspace for ourselves, double or sometimes triple-handling stock.
  • We can't welcome as many volunteers as we'd like, and we want to offer more volunteering days to workplace teams; a crucial source of helping hands. Every week we turn away groups as we don't have room for them. More space will provide us with capacity to accept more workplace groups – a simple and easy win-win. We aim to treble our output - 3 x the number of volunteers = 3 x the impact. ​
  • We have extremely limited parking on Vale Street, which is very challenging for donors, volunteers, suppliers and the social workers and maternal & child health nurses who collect from us.
  • We are currently housed in two buildings, which means we are constantly moving items across the road; less than ideal for both efficiency and the safety of our volunteers and staff.

Why don’t you buy a building?

There is very little suitable property for sale, and we don't have the money required to do so. We are a new charity so we do not have savings large enough for a deposit. You can read our financial statements on the ACNC website.

How will you fund the building?

  • We will be asking the community and philanthropists to help fund our first year’s rent and relocation costs.
  • We will be asking our corporate supporters - from telecoms experts, to tradesmen, to workplace teams, to help support the move and fit-out for our new building.
  • A larger space will allow us to accommodate more groups through our workplace volunteering program for which we charge a fee.
  • We will be proactive in growing our monthly giving program, providing us with surety that we can pay our rent and bills, and continue to help families each and every month.
  • We will seek the support of philanthropy and government

How long will you stay in your new home?

We are looking for somewhere to be our new home for at least 6 to 10 years!

Why aren’t you staying in St Kilda?

There are very few suitable premises in St Kilda, and the price per square metre is much higher than further out of the city. Parking is also a very real problem for visitors and volunteers.