Explore partnership and sponsorship opportunities with St Kilda Mums

St Kilda Mums has a number of opportunities for corporate sponsorship and partnership, including our annual Mother’s Day Luncheon.

Partnering with St Kilda Mums not only helps us achieve our goal of helping more families in need, it offers your business the chance to have greater engagement with the work that we do via workplace volunteering, exposure to our large social media audience and to our community of supporters. You will be aligning with a highly-trusted and well-loved organisation committed to wasting less, sharing more and caring for every child.

If you would like to discuss sponsorship and partnership opportunities further, please email us.

We also greatly appreciate donations of products and services that enable us to help families in need. This may include the donation of a specialist skill or service (eg. tech support, photography, videography, printing, training), nursery equipment, or a product that we can rehome with families. We can issue a gift-in-kind receipt to your business that you can use for tax purposes. 

Please check with us to be sure that we can accept your donation.  Please see this page for a complete list of items that we can rehome.

Thank you to our partners: 

AIA Australia 
Grants of Australia
L'Oreal Australia
Rudie Nudie