October News

Did you know that we have helped 1,338 babies and 3,663 kids in the past 3 months alone? We never ever could have imagined such a thing 8 years ago when we started this little seed of an idea on my front porch.

None of this would be possible without your support. Every donation you bring. Every conversation you have. Every recommendation you make. Every post you share. Every time you volunteer. Every cent you donate....it all adds up into a SNOWBALL of goodness.

This beautiful poem was composed by one of our youngest volunteers....

We hope that in years to come, you will remember this moment in time. We hope that you will be proud to say that you had a hand in building something beautiful.


Push for prams update

On the 1st September we did a Friday night call-out for single prams. We thought that we had broken Facebook as our post had a reach of 480,000 (more than 15 times our following). 

We had our Push for Prams campaign in place to try and find 500 prams suitable for newborns. 24 hours after this one post,  thanks to the magic of Facebook, we had all the single prams we needed!

Thank you to everyone who donated their much loved pram. You have given the gift of freedom and independence. 


Meet our volunteers

Douglas volunteers at St Kilda Mums cleaning cots and mattresses. Here he is picking up cots which don’t meet safety standards, saving them from landfill. He also volunteers at his grandkids school. He will use the wood to build shelving for their kitchen garden program. 

John volunteers at Geelong Mums. He offered to make a suggestion box with the brief to "make it nice". We love his use of colour, glitter and flowers. 

This is the busiest time of the year for us by far. If you have any spare time please email volunteer@stkildamums.org and book in your induction. We promise to introduce you to some of the nicest people in Melbourne...


What we need

Babies are born with amazing regularity all year round. Babies that are born over the holiday season can't wait for a safe place to sleep. 

We work very hard to distribute orders for all the babies due between now and the end of January. This means we will despatch three months worth of stock in the next six weeks.

Things we are very low on this month are;

  • cots 
  • double prams
  • car restraints (capsule, newborn and toddler only)
  • folding change tables (preferred as many families have no space for solid ones)
  • manual breast pumps
  • newborn nappies

Please share this with your friends and help us find these items. 

We will also need to buy some stock to supplement where donations fall short. We will let you know what else we need and how you can help over the next few weeks in emails and Facebook posts.


One dad you helped 

We would like to share this thank you from Thomas. He is a single Dad and the primary carer for his little girl. This message made our hearts sing. When families break up, there is a considerable cost in providing two of everything. We often provide items for Dad or Gran and help families through this challenging time.

Regional Update

Its our goal to ensure that every baby in every town has the same access to our service. Sometimes you find a person or organisation who is as committed to your mission as you are. They can make things happen. Victorian Freight Specialists are proving to be that sort of partner for St Kilda Mums. 

Victorian Freight Specialists are offering their service without charge. Last month they started a weekly delivery to regional Victoria.

That meant that a social worker in Mildura was able to provide a cot to a mother in a shelter with a newborn. We also sent clothing bundles, nappies and toys to Broadford, Leongatha and Sale. 

This is Account Manager Andrew and driver Milan collecting yesterday's delivery to Morwell. And yes, Andrew was so excited he was loading the truck himself.

Victorian Freight Specialist have 523 followers on Facebook. Please head over and show them some love. Write a review and commend their commitment to families in need. We thank them for their tremendous generosity!

Opening hours 


Our opening hours are always kept up to date on our website. Please note our address for drop off is now


Vale Street, St Kilda

We make sure that we have lots of volunteers to help you unload. If you have kids sleeping in the car please let us know as you need not leave them.

If you can't get to St Kilda there are some other options for you to consider.

There is information on our website about the kinds of baby and kid's things we can rehome. There is also a printable list that may come in handy.


Christmas gift ideas


We often get asked what we need at Christmas. The holidays should be a time of joy. For some, it is a time of heightened anxiety, stress and isolation. 

There are many ways you can help, including the following

donate your pre-loved baby things and kids clothing
donate money
buy merchandise from our online shop
fundraise for us (some ideas below)
follow us on social media and share our call outs for help
forward this email to your friends

Many people offer new or used toys at Christmas but we have to say no thank you. We have limited space and a desperate need for essentials like cots. We have to focus on what is most needed. 

We have put some ideas for hosting a Christmas fundraiser together in a flyer for you...

We also have greeting cards 



and Sarah Masson Mother and Child tea towels available for sale on our website. You may also pick some up next time you visit our HQ.



A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.
 Pablo Picasso

Thank you for everything you do to support St Kilda Mums. Thank you for sharing our vision of a future where we waste less, share more and care for every child.