Your impact

St Kilda Mums, Geelong Mums and Eureka Mums are supported entirely by the generosity of the community and philanthropy. 

Your support means that every year we can:

  • Help babies and children stay safe
  • Support families to feel valued and connected
  • Assist more social workers and maternal health nurses in their work with Victoria's most vulnerable families, and;
  • Prevent more quality pre-loved nursery equipment, children's clothing, books and toys from needlessly ending up in landfill. 

We consider each case individually because every family we help is facing their own unique challenges and trauma. But sometimes it is helpful to stand back and look at the numbers as a whole. Understanding the sheer scale and reach of our service across Victoria paints a powerful picture of the difference you make by helping us. 

In order to demonstrate the scale of desperate need across Victoria, alongside the impact of your support, we report on our work through a series of impact reports. 

Your impact - in numbers 

Each year we produce this detailed 'impact tree', which shows key measures of the difference you make. Please click on the image to expand it to a larger size. 

The tree shows the collective impact of St Kilda Mums, Geelong Mums and Eureka Mums - we are one organisation, with the goal of reaching every baby and child who needs our support in Victoria. 


Stories of impact 

The numbers only tell one part of the story. Please take a moment to read some of our stories of impact so you can really understand the difference you make to the families we help and the work we do. 

Thank you, we can’t do this without you.