Dasuni's Story

Earlier this year St Kilda Mums was able to help Dasuni, who wrote to us to express her gratitude:

"I'm writing to say how thankful I am to you all, for all the items I received.  I'm expecting twins who will arrive at any minute now.  With this ongoing pandemic, the stress brought by the understandable, yet hard to cope with restrictions, financial concerns etc, I was under a lot of pressure. When my order arrived with everything I asked for and much more, I was overwhelmed by the kindness you and your donors have expressed towards me and my family.

I expected you'd send me some refurbished nursery items but I got most of them brand new and the others were also as good as new.  To complete the bedding, I've got 2 bags full of sleeping bags, wraps etc, very neatly and nicely packed by the lovely ladies Karen and Zoe.  Me and my daughter had quite the fun digging into these bags and discovering all those lovely items.

I'm pretty sure you have helped many families like mine over the time. Some of those services are not accessible during this health crisis and I'm so pleased with your friendly and timely response.  While I cannot thank you all enough, please let me know if there's any way I can help and contribute towards your cause."