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Car Restraint: Please enter 1 next to the type. If you need more than one car restraint (for siblings or multiples) please enter the relevant number next to each type.

Capsule (NB-6 months, up to 12 Kgs):
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Toddler (1-4 years, up to 26 Kgs):
Booster (4 years+, from 14 Kgs): 

Other Items: Please enter 1 next to any required items. Please note we rely on donations, so we cannot guarantee supply but we'll do our best.

Baby Front Carrier:
Breast Pump Kit (only available once baby is born): 
Bottles (only available once baby is born):
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Breast or Maternity Pads Pack:
Change Table:
Change Mat:
First Food Kit (utensils and equipment):
Formula (only available once baby is born):
Mattress for Cot: If they have a good condition compliant cot and just need a mattress, please enter 1 here and specify the required mattress size here  (you should find these measurements on the base of the cot)
Nappies: Please enter the number of children you are requesting nappies for here  
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Clothing bags 

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Opening Times

Our opening hours for collections are: 
Monday and Tuesday 12:30 - 2 pm
Wednesdays and Thursdays 9:30 - 11 am

Criteria for collection:

  • Your order doesn’t contain a cot, pram or car restraint.
  • Clients must be 6 months or 28 weeks pregnant to book a pick up date.  If you are ordering before your client is 28 weeks pregnant you will need to email us closer to the due date to schedule collection. We will also send you a reminder. 
  • If you are collecting clothing, toys and nappies only you can schedule to collect within 2 business days.

 If this order meets this criteria please select your preferred collection date

We will contact you if we have any queries with your order, in which case your preferred day of collection must be postponed until the issue is resolved. 

Due to stock constraints we will contact you to arrange a collection date for a cot, pram or car restraint.